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Double Face Throw

The quality of the wool, associated to the ancestral knowledge to transform the wool, explain the prestige of the weaving of Serra da Estrela. The throws are the alive example of that. Ecolã produces a diversity of traditional and rustic patterns associated to the mountains, as well as some contemporary and minimalistic models, creating different proposals – stripes, squares, diamond shapes, planes, etc.- of a surprising visual impact.

This pattern is produced in two thickness:

get link (i) The Shepherd Throw has a dense texture because is weaved with a thicker yarn. Available in two different sizes: MPS – Small Shepherd Throw (1,90x1,40m) and MPL – Large Shepherd Throw (2,40x1,90m).

(ii) The Travel Throw that has a lighter texture comparing to the Shepherd Throw because is weaved with a thinner yarn. Available only in one size: MV 1,90x1,40m.

follow The throws, 100% wool, are multifunctional and can be used in bed, on the couch or as a decorative complement.

Create your environment!

AVAILABILITY: MV 4 (1,90x1,40m) / MPS 8 (1,90x1,40m) / MPL 9 (2,40x1,90m)

Other colors on request

100% Wool Bordaleira Sheep, Serra da Estrela

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